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giovedì 7 febbraio 2008


inizio ore 22.00 - ingresso Euro 4
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Founded in 1999 in Udine, Northern Lights is a musical project with seven years of experience as a sound system. Over these years, Northern Lights has promoted many interesting activities for the reggae sound system scene and has travelled a lot playing all over Italy (Milano, Roma, Bologna, Firenze, Pisa, Perugia, Venezia, Padova, Siracusa, Pescara) as well as abroad (Slovenian River Spalsh, Switzerland. The Sound was also offered the possibility to play to the large audience of the Rototom Sunsplash and the “Big One 2005” (the Italian Dancehall Queen Contest). During this period Skunky D, Terry B, Michelle and Mr B have got the chance to develop their style and make it more versatile; from dancehall bashment selection to new roots and reggae foundations. An explosive live set, a thousand records collection, a van for carrying a 11000 watt sound system, and a big dubplate box are the outcome of years of passion, seriousness and about a hundred dancehall nights of hard work to manage its own “yard”. In 2003 Northern Lights, along with some Italian local realities, decided to build up a legal association in order to spread the reggae and hip hop culture. The present cultural association, called Far East Connection, is partially represented by a website that has become one of the greatest reggae portals in Italy and the main board for all the Italian soundboys for the last two years. In October 2006, the crew decided to get bigger by welcoming two new entries: Ed (mc & graphic designer), and Deso (selecter, operator and owner of a recording studio called Firing Faders Studio), who are members of the Far East organization as well. They come from the Italian hip hop scene, but over the last three years, they have been playin reggae dancehall and hip hop music with their sound called “Firing Faders”. . Northern Lights together with the other members of the Far East Connection have been the main promoters of the “Xmas War Clash”; a great event that takes place every year in December. This four-year-old “soundclash” has seen the participation of upcoming and veteran Italian sound systems and has become an occasion for all the clash addicts not to miss. Over the last years Northern Lights Sound System has organized many live performances such as Barrington Levy’s concert and many others; but it also opened the show of a great deal of artists of Morgan Heritage, Capleton, Macka B, Tippa Irie, Everton Blender and Frankie Paul’s calibre. The sound had moreover the possibility to play along with Bass Fi Mass sound system, I tal Sound, One Love, Mad Kid, Skool Boy, Bashfire, Kissusenti, Kalibandulu, Sisma Sound, Sud Sound System, Villada, I-shence, Gozzilla, Gramigna, David Rodigan (UK), Sentinel (DE), Pow Pow Movement (DE), Freddie Kruger (JAM) Adonai sound (JA) and Lp (USA).

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